Twenty-Seven, you strange Devil you

You’ve heard of the 27 club, right? Tortured musicians who took their lives, usually by the means of drugs and alcohol, all at the age of 27...

I’ve thought a lot about that club this year. NOT because I wanted to end my life, but because it was a year of transition, which means-it was tough.

But, hey---- cue the cake, because I've made it to another year.

From New York to Nashville, from North to South, from Obama to whatever-the-f**k-this-is, from comedy to songwriting, from cats to dogs, the transition has been REAL.

And frankly, I never thought I’d be where I am.

I’ve become enveloped in a world of country music, award-winning songwriters, guitar techs, publishers, tour managers, music royalty (descendants of Johnny Cash and Earl Scruggs to name a few), image obsessed singer/songwriters (I blame social media) and terrible yet endearing pop country songs (sorry, not sorry).

Regardless of their genre, this community of artists and musicians inspires me and keeps me going. 

Hence- why I wanted to reach out, and say I hope you’re ready for more.

I hope to connect with you in these monthly newsletters, and fill them with new music, show announcements and other personal anecdotes.

You can check out some local show dates, here:

Hope you are well, and let's talk soon.